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PROJECT: “Environment” Curriculum Course

Mission:   Implementing a curriculum course in “Environment” in our schools from kindergarten to 12th grade.


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Why It's Important

Our plan is to engage in an ongoing effort to establish the first school curriculum for environmental awareness to be taught in schools from kindergarten through 12th grade.

We already teach Science, English, Math, Government, Art and Machine Shop.  We should also be teaching Environment; focused learning, with all aspects discussed and studied from basic recycling & wildlife protection to the consequences of production and consumption to knowing chemical compounds in plastics, how they work and what to expect for our future.

Yes, we already touch lightly on these subjects in today’s school curriculums. It’s not enough. Yes, we already celebrate one day a year to promoting awareness to pollution, cleaning our beaches and being “green”. It’s not enough.

Imagine, if we were to begin today, 20 years down the road we’ll have the FIRST generation of people who, from a very early age, will have been raised knowing the impact and repercussions OUR actions have on the planet and what responsibilities we have to be better stewards of our natural world.

We cannot allow ourselves to hand over a filth enriched planet to our own children knowing we taught them little if anything about how to solve the problems their parents left as their inheritance. It’s time to get serious about this. We are running out of time. We must ACT now!

We must all agree the cost associated with this change is insignificant compared to the dire repercussions to our economy, our populations and our planet should we do nothing.

We need your help. Please support us in implementing concentrated environmental studies in our schools and donate to this worthy cause.

Environmental awareness projects for children (in French)

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