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Mission: To clean up and initiate “Green” techniques and ideas in the disposal of the garbage that is choking the Kuna Yala Islands in Panama.

In 2009, avenir méditerranée - Save Our Seas, we began initial conferences with officials in the San Blas, Panama, and started to outline the first regional debris collection and “green” disposal system.  Local populations and tribe cheifs have now enthusiastically embraced this initial program to help clean the Caribbean coastline and their homeland.

In 2010, avenir méditerranée - Save Our Seas continues to focus our efforts in the San Blas, Panama, in Kuna Yala, one of the last indigenous communities in the Caribbean.  That is why we have initiated Kuna Yala GreenFees, a $5.00 eco tax to be collected from ALL tourists visiting the area in which 100% of its proceeds will go to providing a No Plastic Planet environment in Kuna Yala. We believe the San Blas area has the potential to become a symbol and an environmental example for the entire Caribbean.


The collected Greenfees will then be go to:

  1. Purchase of at least 600 55 gallon barrels to be used as garbage bins on the 45 village islands.

  2. Purchase or lease of a flat bottom barge to be used to collect garbage from one island to the next and then finally to deliver it to the mainland near Isla Carti where it will be stored on land until it is taken to the dump.

  3. Construction of a physical structure on the mainland to house rubbish before it’s picked up by a truck.

  4. Organize local teams of “Dustbin Men” in each village to regularly collect rubbish in and around the villages and see that it gets to the floating barge.

  5. Purchase or lease of a garbage truck that can then haul the rubbish off to the dump in Panama City.

  6. Commence environmental educational programs in the local Kuna schools promoting Reduce, Reuse and Recycle techniques.


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